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ThomSip's News

Posted by ThomSip - August 5th, 2013

Zombie Crypt 3 has been released on Newgrounds!

it's been over a year since Zombie Crypt 2 was released, but the hird part is finally here. I can't believe how much work I've put into this, and I really hope you guys like it.


Feedback highly apreciated!

Zombie Crypt 3 Released!

Posted by ThomSip - May 13th, 2013

Hey there Newgrounders,

Zombie Crypt is nearing completion and will be released soon. The game's engine has quadrupled in size, and this should make the puzzles a lot more diverse than in the previous parts. here's is a list of some of the new features.

- Respawn
if 1 player dies the stage is no longer lost as before, now the deceased player is spawned next to the living one in a few seconds.

- Water
Water has been added which through the player and enemies can swim.<br>

- Throwable items.
a bomb, a rock ,and a crate have been added to the game. The player can pickup, put down, and throw these items.

- Spitting zombie
a new zombie which vomits a large pile of blood. Blood kills the player, but it can also be used to destroy several other objects.

- exploding zombie
an exploding zombie has been added which can add massive destruction to objects and other zombies.

- Wind
vertical and horizontal fans can be turned on which adds a force on characters and object which move through its path.

- tutorials
Short cut scenes are added in which a tutorial is shown to the user to help understand the basic functions of the game.

- 3 different worlds!
the game will have a total of 27 stages. these stages devided over 3 worlds, each holding 9 levels. The player will find himself in a jungle, a dessert, and in a volcano.

Here are a few screenshots to help give you an impression of the game.
Jungle screenshot
Dessert screenshot
Volcano screenshot

If you're unfamiliar with zombie crypt, go check out the first and second part.
Zombie crypt
Zombie Crypt 2

Comments greatly appreciated!

Zombie Crypt 3 screenshots released!

Posted by ThomSip - April 23rd, 2012

Hey newgrounders!

it's been almost 1 year since zombie crypt was released, but the sequel is finally here!

Check out Zombie Crypt 2, and please let me know what you think.

Development for Zombie Crypt 3 has already started so all your input is apreciated.


Posted by ThomSip - May 26th, 2011

Hey newgrounders,

for anyone who missed my latest game, here's a link to it

Zombie Crypt

feedback highly appreciated :)

Posted by ThomSip - May 17th, 2011

Hey newrgounders!

I'm currently working on my next game, it's going to be a platform, puzzle game. But off course you'll get to kill loads of zombies again ;)

I hope to finish the game before this week is over.

here's the screenshot.


Awesome screenshot released!

Posted by ThomSip - March 23rd, 2011

the Night of Million Zombies has just been released! NoMZ is a fast paced, top-down, arcade, retro, zombie shooter. The game is highscore based and there are 56 newgrounds medals to unlock!

Night of Million Zombies released - 56 NG MEDALS included

Posted by ThomSip - December 16th, 2010

Hey guys,

Due to search engine results we decided to change our name from www.undeadgaming.com too www.zombiegames24.com. The site is again 100% functional.

play zombie games

New name: ZombieGames24.com

Posted by ThomSip - December 13th, 2010

Hey guys,

The new games in the spotlight for this week are:

Dead frontier night three
Obama VS Zombies
Pandemic 2

Have fun guys,

UndeadGaming, all the free zombie games online.

Posted by ThomSip - December 10th, 2010

We have just placed a new game on www.undeadgaming.com,

it's Zombie trailer park, which you might know from Here.

for more online zombie games check out undeadgaming.com

New game added on UndeadGaming

Posted by ThomSip - December 1st, 2010

Hey newgrounders,

My new website UndeadGaming.com has just been released!

It's a flash game site with only games about zombies. I was hoping you guys could give me some more feedback on it.

- What would you like to see in the future?
- What do you like?
- What don't you like?
- Do you know a game that should be on the site and isn't?
- Did you find a broken-link. (PLEASE tell me, there's so many links, I can't check them all)
- Are you the creator of one of the games I host and you don't wan't me to host it? Just PM me, I'll remove it ASAP.

Please don't notify me about spelling/grammer errors, I've worked for 15 hours next to my schoolwork in the last 2 days and the spelling will just have to wait a little while.

Happy undead gaming everyone! :D

UndeadGaming.com grand opening!